Busted with a felony or federal drug charge in Texas?

When you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substace you face punishment ranging from jail time and fines to prison time.  As a felony and federal criminal defense attorney, the Dude defends you against these charges using his experience and expertise to carefully evaluate every part of the State's case against you.  Whether your charge is a first time marijuana possession case, or a felony distribution case with an illegal firearm, you need a Texas criminal defense attorney who knows the tactics of the police and prosecutors, and who has the training and experience to find and develop your factual and legal defenses.  You need The Dude!  

If this is your first criminal case, you may be wondering whether you need a criminal defense attorney to represent you in Texas. There are a lot of technical laws and rules that the police must follow in order to be allowed to stop and search your person, car or belongings.  Read our page on why you need The Dude to represent you in these cases, and learn why you need to call the Dude today!

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If you've been arrested in Texas for a possession of marijuana charge there are several things you need to know immediately.

  1. It is likely that your social networking pages will be scoured for evidence against you.  You don't have to delete your pages, but you should make sure that you have deleted any posts that discuss illegal activities of any kind, and make sure not to post such messages in the future.
  2. The police do not need a warrant to seize any trash you set out on the curb for trash pickup.  The US Supreme Court has labeled such trash as abandoned property and, as such, as said that anyone can collect it without a warrant - including the government.
  3. Anything you say in public that can be overheard by the public can be overheard by the police.  Watch what you say about your case to anyone but someone from my office.
  4. Do not assume that just because you were arrested, but have not been charged yet that the case will go away.  Often, they are just waiting for the lab results to come back before formally charging you.
  5. Do not discuss a deal with the police where you will act as their informant without first talking to a lawyer.  The police are permitted to lie to you about many things.  Don't ever agree to act as a confidential informant without first talking to an attorney.  Most often it is not in your benefit to act as a confidential informant even after you have spoken to an attorney. 

Before you get stopped by the police you need to memorize our Three Document Rule!  Doing so will help you avoid unnecessary criminal charges.

A San Antonio Possession of Marijuana charge has serious lifetime consequences that many people are unaware of when they are charged with a POM or other drug related charge.  For instance, did you know that if you are convicted of a Texas Possession of Marijuana charge you may not be eligible to receive Federal Student Aid?  If you are arrested for a Texas possession of marijuana or drug possession you need a highly skilled criminal defense attorney who knows how to challenge the officers tactics and testimony.  You need the Dude, Attorney Jamie Balagia.  Fill out the form to the right of this page now or call 210-394-3833. 


More often than not police officers could not have searched the person, their vehicle, or their house without the consent of the suspect because they lacked probable cause or a warrant.  Yet, the United States Supreme Court, as well as courts all over the nation have held that once you consent to a search, you then all but lose the right to challenge the officer's probable cause to search you.  That's why I advise you to never consent to a police search of you, your car, your house or anything else you own.  You don't have to prove you're in the right to the police.  They have to prove you're in the wrong! 

Don't let lies and manipulation trick you into giving up your rights.  Just say "No" when the police ask you questions about your life, your drug use, where you're coming from, or where you're going to.  This is your first and strongest line of defense to beating a San Antonio marijuana possession case. 

Whether you were arrested in San Antonio, Austin, or anywhere in Central or South Texas, you need a skilled marijuana possession attorney who understands police tactics, and knows how to defend you.  You need The Dude! Call right now for a free consultation.