Possession of marijuana attorney & criminal defense lawyer, POM Lawyer Austin Texas

Austin, Texas is the home of the University of Texas, and the Texas Longhorns.  Austin Criminal defense attorney Jamie Balagia is an Austin native, and was an undercover police officer with the Austin, Texas police department before graduating law school and becoming one of the area's most recognized criminal defense lawyers.

Austin, Texas possession of marijuana charges carry harsh penalties that threaten the livelihoods and education of our citizens.  As noted elsewhere on this page, someone convicted of even a first-time possession of marijuana charge will most likely not be eligible for federal financial aid to attend college.  And, since most people who attend college do so under loans and grants provided by the federal government, it reasons that even a first-time offender of the possession of marijuana laws face lifetime consequences.  It should be obvious then, that if you are facing a Texas possession of marijuana charge, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney skilled in fighting to protect you in and outside the courtroom

Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Jamie Balagia vigorously defends against possession of marijuana drug charges.  With a compliment of qualified staff attorneys and support staff, The Law Offices of Jamie Balagia, PC have the know-how and experience to mount an aggressive defense to any possession of marijuana or drug charge you are facing.  If you are facing an Austin possession of marijuana or drug charge of any kind fill out the form to your right and get the DrugDude working on your case right now!