911 Reality Check

September 6, 2012


Many arrests are the result of someone calling 911.  Not too often is the caller the suspect, although it does happen.  Mark  Welch is finding out that 911 is for real emergencies, not ones that you dream.


Apparently the 18-year old called 911 after he had a dream, because he was sure those events actually occurred.  He even called the dispatcher twice.  Welch told the 911 dispatcher, “Everything that happened today is actually in my dream, and I want to prove it to everybody.”

Welch had been smoking synthetic marijuana before he called 911 and was confused about reality  as a result of using the drug.  He was arrested for misuse of 911.  The federal government has now made the use, sell or possession of synthetic marijuana and bath salts illegal.  They have taken a very serious stance on this new ban, with punishment up to 20 years in prison or life if there is an injury or death involved.


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