A Deputy and His Dog

December 4, 2012


About 1,600 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $800,000 was seized in Fayette County on Tuesday during a routine traffic stop by a sheriff's deputy and his dog.  According to the Sheriff's Office, Deputy Randy Thumann and the dog, Lobos, were patrolling Interstate 10 in a squad car when they stopped a 2005 Ford pickup. Thumann saw what he described as suspicious packages in the truck bed, and brought Lobos to the truck for a sniff.

"Lobos instantly (identified)on the packages as being an illegal substance," Sheriff Keith Korenek said in a news release. "Deputy Thumann and Lobos also found several more bundles of marihuana inside the occupant area of the truck."   The driver of the truck was identified as Rafael Salinas, 41, of San Ygnacio in South Texas. Salinas was charged with possession of marijuana -- 50 pounds to 2,000 pounds.  Korenek said it was one of the largest such seizures in the history of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.