Almost Got Tricked

November 1, 2012


This past Halloween brought out a range of characters in Texas. Some of the characters were dressed up as their favorite comic book character and others were dressed up as more traditional characters like witches or a ghost. Regardless of the character, the police were aware of various activities that occurred that night. Amongst all of the Halloween characters, the Texas police were still on duty and made an unusual arrest based on drug charges.

The unusual drug arrest began as a routine traffic stop for a Texas police officer. The routine traffic stop happened when a police officer pulled over a pickup truck for speeding.

Routinely during traffic stops, the police officer will speak with the individuals in the stopped vehicle. In this arrest incident, the police officer spoke with the driver and the passenger. Both the driver and the passenger indicated they were traveling to Mexico, but stated different reasons regarding the type of business they were conducting in Texas. During the routine conversation, the police officer asked the driver if he would consent to a search of his vehicle and the driver consented.

The vehicle was taken to a local police department for the vehicle to be put on a lift for the search process. During the search, the police noticed the fluid in the truck's diesel tank was abnormal. Although the fuel was suspicious, the vehicle was released and the driver and passenger returned to their travels. After the vehicle search was concluded, some of the fluid crystallized and tested positive for the drug meth oil. The vehicle was stopped a short time later and the driver and passenger were arrested for possession of a controlled substance.