Police Station overcome by marijuana odor

February 17, 2012

Atlantic Beach, FL police are reportedly having a pot problem.  They have a 200 square foot evidence storage room, and an aging ventilation system.  This is causing a problem because the smell of the marijuana is filling the police station.  Now, I don't think you can get high from the odor of unsmoked marijuana, but I'll bet they get Pavlov's Dog reactions when people show up to the station for other business. 

I can only imagine the cross examination of an arresting officer on a marijuana case there.

Defense attorney, "So officer, you spent two hours in the police station right before you arrested my client for marijuana possession?"

Police officer, "Yes I did."

Defense attorney, "And, your station is filled with the odor of marijuana?"

Police officer, "Yes it is."

Defense attorney, "And you describe that odor and repugnant?"

Police officer, "Yes."

Defense attorney, "So could it be that the odor you smelled when you stopped my client's car was from your department's marijuana, not my clients?"

Police officer, "Uhhhhhh..."

How can a police officer testify that the odor he smelled on a suspect is a different odor than is on the officer's uniform because he walked around a pot filled police station?  How can a canine officer testify that the odor the dog smelled was not a residual odor left lingering in the dogs nose from being inside the station? 

Oh, and the police technicians are complaining that the odor is making them ill.  Maybe they should go to a medical marijuana dispensary and get a prescription...  Here's the link to the article!