BeSafeRX Campaign

October 1, 2012


Many consumers have turned to the internet for their online shopping.  Some like to shop online to avoid the crowds, for others it’s the lower prices at times.  Internet shopping is also convenient for those who can’t drive or have a hard time getting what they need or are looking for.  Shopping online can lead to  big savings both for time and money, but can you always trust the online seller?


The FDA is warning against purchasing your prescription drugs online through a national campaign called BeSafeRx.  A vast majority of these online pharmacies are fraudulent and you cannot be sure you are getting the correct prescription.  Some drugs have been found to have no active ingredient, or too much of an active ingredient, while others are made of arsenic or rat poison.  It’s extremely dangerous to take medication that you can’t be sure is what you have been prescribed to take.


Have you ever purchased your prescription drugs online?  Were you confident in the service you chose?  How do you know you were given the correct medication?