CMA Calls For Legalization

October 22, 2012


There are 35,000 medical physicians in the California Medical Association.  The California Medical Association (CMA) has come out in favor of legalizing marijuana in the state so that more research can be done to determine if strong medical benefits exist. 


There are many doctors that would want to prescribe medical marijuana if it was legalized, but they are caught between a rock and a hard spot because marijuana is federally illegal in states that have passed legislation.


As it is now, the federal government is well aware of the healing powers of marijuana but they refuse to legalize marijuana so that more research can be done to study uses and benefits of marijuana.  As long as marjiuana remains illegal there is little that researchers can do to really measure the effectiveness (or lack thereof as some claim) of medical marijuana.


The American people are ready for a change.  There are too many Americans that know that the government is trying to keep a very valuable, natural healing substance from us. The days of prohibition are coming to an end America!