Cellphone Tracking Law, Privacy Invasion?

August 29, 2012


More and more, Big Brother finds new ways to track us and watch us.  As new technology develops, the government and law enforcement agencies find new ways to use that to their advantage.  New laws are being created making it easier for them to keep tabs on us.  Many times they claim it is in the best interest to protect citizens but there are many that argue that these news laws and new technology infringes upon our privacy rights.


This is exactly how Mary Hopwood of Bolivar, Missouri feels about a new Missouri law that makes it easier for police to track people’s cellphone signals- during emergencies of course, but how do we know they are using this tracking system during emergencies?  What constitutes an emergency for them to utilize this law?


Ms. Hopwood has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that this new law is conflicting with a standing federal law that governs the information that phone companies can share with law enforcement agencies.  Phone companies have discretion when giving information to law office enforcement agencies but this new Missouri law takes their discretion away. Not only that it will prevent customers from being able to sue companies when they release their information without consent or good reason.


What do you think about a law like this in Texas?  How would you react if your cellphone information was released without good cause to police in an investigation?