Cocaine Battery

July 30, 2012

"$175K of Cocaine Found in Car Battery" The headline of this story caught my eye.  $175K is a lot of money and a lot of drugs, which certainly has the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office doin’ celebration a dance.

The creative ways drug transporters come up with to transport drugs never ceases to amaze me, but the the risk they take does and so does their complellation cooperate with police.  I was surprised to read that the suspect consented to his vehicle being searched.  Why would he consent to a search? The fact that the article stated the drugs were found after he consented to a search leads me to believe that the police officer had no probable cause to search the vehicle without the suspects consent.

Many times, a police officer doesn’t have probable cause to search a suspect's person or vehicle.  They simply ask for permission to search, and a suspect thinks if he is cooperative it will “prove” he has nothing to hide (even if he does) or that cooperation with the police will not result in an arrest.

Be forewarned: You have the right to refuse searches.  Never consent to a police search.  If they have probable cause, they will search you regardless of your consent.  Do not give up the rights you have and allow the police to find evidence to build a case against you.  If they find something, you will be going to jail. No matter how friendly the officer is or how cooperaative you are, an arrest is not negotiable once you have given up your rights and something illegal is discovered.

Memorize the 3-Document Rule so you will be prepared the next time you have any type of interaction with the police! You must be polite to police but you don't have to answer any of their other questions without your attorney!