Contraband Hail Mary

August 28, 2012


There are many ways contraband makes its way into prisons. Sometimes it’s during visitation, at other times its an inside job where the corrections officers are bringing items in, but there are plenty of other ways illegal items make it into our prisons.


Janine Fulton of Ohio was recently a mule for getting contraband into the prison without ever even entering the prison.  But she was caught passing a couple “hail mary’s” right over the fence of the Richland Correctional Institution.  Two footballs filled with pills, marijuana, cigarettes, cell phones and cell phone chargers were stuffed into two Wilson footballs.  Who knew you could fit so much into a football?  There have been other instances where contraband has made it over the fence because the perimeter is very large, but Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Mike Kemmer said it was the first time he had seen footballs.


Janine Fulton is no stranger to the prison system and she apparently has a history of allowing inmates to get contraband.  She was a former correctional officer and was fired for allowing an inmate to keep contraband rather than seize it.  She is now facing a criminal charge of conveyance of illegal drugs.  There are two inmates that may face charges as well.


Kemmer says that 90% of contraband is discovered before it reaches inmate population.  Do you think this is an accurate figure?  How can prisons cut down on the amount of contraband that does make it into the prisons?