DNA Leads to Cold Case Arrest

August 7, 2012


A 30-year old murder case in Williamson County may finally be solved.  The Sheriff’s Department is confident they have found the man responsible for the murder of 73-year old, Mildred McKinney in 1980.  DNA and a finger print matching Steven Thomas was found at the scene of the murder, but he was not in the national database at that time, so a match was not found.


He was arrested earlier this year on federal drug charges, which required him to provide  a DNA sample and there was a hit on his information once it was in the system.  Thomas denies having any part of Ms. McKinney’s murder.  He currently being held on a one million dollar bond and he is awaiting sentencing on his federal drug case in Corpus Christi.


Steven Thomas’ mother does not believe that her son’s DNA was found at the murder scene.  She does not believe her son is capable of this crime, although she admits he is no angel.  Do you think this is a mother in denial?


Most people feel that DNA is all you need to prove guilt in a murder case.  What do you think?  Is DNA evidence alone enough to convict in your mind?