Daddy Can't Take The Blame

July 17, 2012


A 16 year old boy from Louisiana was driving a big rig that slammed into two North Texan women who were changing a flat tire on a Colorado freeway.  Immediately following the collision, friends of the boy who were following the rig took the teen driver and fled the scene.  The father of the boy stayed behind and claimed he had been the driver.  Later on in the investigation the father revealed that his son had indeed been the driver.


Now as a result of the initial attempted cover-up, felony charges are pending.  The 16 year old has been charged with 2 felony counts of failure to stay at the scene of an accident and two misdemeanor counts of careless driving that caused death.  The boy’s dad has been charged with filing a false police report.  Both are out on bond.   


The boy and his dad were pulling a trailer of horses after leaving a rodeo in Oklahoma and were headed to Wyoming.  It was not uncommon for the boy to drive the big rig on the family ranch and on the road.  Family members claim the boy didn’t need a special license because the truck had only one axle.  Colorado authorities are investigating to determine whether or not the boy was in compliance with federal regulations. 


This is a tragic situation that was compounded into a far worse life-altering ordeal than it would have been for a 16 year old by an attempt to cover up the actual events.  Dealing with being responsible for taking the lives of two individuals would have no doubt been an extremely difficult thing for the boy to overcome.  The felony charges that have been filed against him for fleeing the scene will add to what the teenager will have to deal with. Civil litigation by the families of the deceased could and will likely follow.