Don't Slap Your Momma!

July 18, 2012


Oh no he did not!  Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant’s mom says he did.  Angela Bryant told police that her 23 year old son grabbed her by the shirt causing her shirt and bra to tear before grabbing her by the hair and slapping her in the face with his ball cap and then throwing a ball at her.  The football player’s mom told police she had pain and swelling as a result of her injuries.  


Dez Bryant was arrested on misdemeanor charges of assault and was released on $1,500 bond.  When asked about the incident, Bryant responded with “I’m good. I’m good.”  Really???  YOU’RE good?  Well how’s your mom?  Is that really the best response you could come up with?  


This isn’t Bryant’s first run in with the law, although it must be the most shameful – you don’t slap your momma.  He was reportedly tossed out of a posh Dallas mall for allegedly using foul, inappropriate language and wearing his pants too saggy.  There was also an incident at a Miami nightclub that led to Bryant being detained.  


Owner Jerry Jones stated in an interview last November that Bryant has been elating and he has been frustrating.  The two seasons he’s been with Dallas he has reportedly “grabbed 108 receptions for 1,489 yards and 15 touchdowns, mixing incredible feats of football athleticism with bouts of maddening inconsistencies.” 


Well there’s one thing he’s not inconsistent with – lack of respect.  According to a recording released by the Desoto Police Department, this is not an uncommon way for Bryant to treat his mom.  She said, “I can’t keep letting him do this to me.  I’m tired and I’m going to put an end to it today.” Absolutely astonishing.  


Mr. Bryant needs some therapy – anger management, counseling, and perhaps obedience classes.;_ylt=Am.13is__fK417xZHEms8Wb.uLYF