Drug Addicts and Crime

June 11, 2012

If you were addicted to pain medication, how far would you go to get your hands on some if you didn't have a prescription?  Would you shoot yourself?  Would you shoot yourself if you had been involved in burglaries?  Would you shoot yourself with a stolen gun?  That's exactly what a man in Tomah, Wisconsin did.  

Holden Mayberry, age 21, told the police that he had been approached by two men on a hike and bike trail and had been shot following an altercation.  During further interviews, however, Mayberry confessed to having shot himself in an attempt to get pain medication from a hospital.  

Police subsequently learned that the gun Mayberry used to shoot himself with had been stolen the day before.  Mayberry and two other men allegedly burglarized numerous homes, businesses and vehicles in the area.  The gun has not yet been found.

What was this guy thinking?  He burglarized not one but many buildings and vehicles, steals a gun, shoots himself and goes to the hospital.  Did he not realize that the hospital would be reporting a gun shot wound?  Did he think no questions would be asked?  

Repercussions probably do not cross an addicts mind. I’ll be interested to see what kinds of rehabilitation requirements, if any, accompany the punishment. The guy is clearly an addict and needs intensive therapy. The burglaries were probably conducted to gain the resources necessary to obtain the controlled substance. Often times, the root of the crime is overlooked and the criminal is punished for the face value of the crime. In order to adequately rehabilitate the criminal, a determination needs to be made as to why the crime was committed in the first place. Once that determination has been made, a therapy plan should be tailored for the individual, coupled with the punishment for the crime.