Drug Dealers on Etsy SIte

August 13, 2012


Anyone familiar with the website Etsy?  Did any of you know that drugs and drug paraphernalia was being sold on Esty?  I had no idea, I thought it was just a site for homemade crafts to be sold.  Not saying that I am surprised that people have setup “smoke shops” online, I just didn’t know.  Well apparently Etsy has become aware of tis and has decided to crack down! 


Etsy has added several items to its list of prohibited items.  There is also a drug ban or a ban on any product that claims to have medical healing of any type.The exact phrasing of the new ban on drugs:  “We have clarified the previous language from ‘drug-like substances’ to now be ‘medical drug claims about an item.’ A medical drug claim makes a correlation between a product and the cure or relief of a health condition or illness. In many cases, an item itself is not problematic, but the way it is presented with certain language is against this policy.”


This new policy also bans the sale of hazardous or poisonous materials, motor vehicles or any kind and human remains or body parts with the exception of hair and teeth.  The sellers with questions have been instructed to contact the Etsy Integrity Team to pass judgement on which items and claims on items are permitted.  Etsy says it will take some time to contact all the sellers that have questionable products or claims and that those sellers won’t initially be penalized.


Keep in mind that selling illegal products online can get you arrested.  Just because you are selling online, you can’t break the law and expect to not be charged with a crime!