FEDS: The New Weed Killer

August 30, 2012


The marijuana industry in California was growing like a weed, but the confusing and contradicting laws have become a weed killer.  The Feds have come down on many state legalized growing operations like RoundUp Weed Killer, because a business that is complying with state rules is  still breaking federal laws.

There are more than 1,000 dispensaries in business in California that are employing thousands more and providing state and local governments as much as $105 million in taxes each year. That didn’t stop agents from seizing 3.9 million plants last year and even more this year.  So why is this such a huge issue for dispensaries that have kept proper record keeping, are selling to those with medical prescriptions are are abiding by all the state law?

This attack collides with California's law and goes against a campaign promise by President Obama to not circumvent the state's relaxed rules, according to marijuana advocates. Many people will suffer as the government continues to shut down these marijuana operations.  It causes loss of jobs for the employees, loss of tax money and it hurts the people who need it the most- the patients.  American needs to stand up and legalize marijuana now!