Face Recognition

September 18, 2012


As technology advances, law enforcement agencies are finding new ways to solve crime, track crime and deter crime by using the latest and greatest tools on the market.  The problem is, more and more of our rights are being infridged upon.by authorities.  The war on crime is becoming more and more a war on citizens.  I can across this article and wondered if there was anything else we could spent our money on.
"The FBI is spending a billion dollars to implement facial recognition software. This writer says "criminals are really the only ones who should fear the facial recognition program at present, because only mug shots from the national criminal FBI database are being used." That seems a bit naive, to me, considering that as soon as the Texas Legislature removed restrictions on biometric data from drivers licenses, including fingerprint data, the stateuploaded the information to so-called "fusion centers" to give the feds access. See more on the new facial recognition program from New Scientist, which notes that "it is easier to match up posed images and the FBI has already partnered with issuers of state drivers' licences for photo comparison."  
What do you think about this technology?  Do you think the government is overstepping the boundaries?
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