FedEx Has The Solution

May 25, 2012

KVUE News Reports that an Austin man has pleaded guilty to shipping marijuana via FedEx.

AUSTIN -- An Austin man has pled guilty to shipping more than $300,000 of marijuana through the mail.
It was arriving at a house in South Austin off La Casa Drive near Lamar Boulevard.
Gino Angulo was arrested in November after an undercover officer delivered a package to the house. FedEx tipped off authorities, suspecting illegal drugs were inside the shipment.
Also found in the house was $189,000 in cash.
To cover his tracks, Angulo was using a fake corporation and a food truck to launder the money. An IRS agent says Angulo's scheme was fairly complicated.

"He was using FedEx. He had a mechanism to send his money through the financial systems by using his food trailer. So if you consider all that, it's not a very complex scheme, but it's more than your street level dealer," said IRS special agent Mike Lemoine.
Angulo will now serve two 20-year sentences that are being served concurrently.

According to the FedEx website, “Here you’ll find everything from strategies on how to take your business international to tips on how you can better enjoy your workday. Whatever your need, FedEx has a solution. Take a look around and see for yourself. FedEx. Solutions That Matter.” Looks to me like FedEx was the company for Mr. Angulo. He found his solution to take his business to a higher level, no pun intended, while helping others enjoy their workday. Unfortunately, the solution earned him two 20 year sentences. I wonder how long he managed to fool the feds with his complicated scheme, that really wasn’t all that complicated. He may have fooled the feds but he couldn’t fool FedEx. Law enforcement appreciate the solution they found in FedEx.