Change is Coming

January 18, 2012

A note to politicians wanting to get elected this November.  Pay attention to the increasing population that calls for the legalization of marijuana.  For the first time since Gallup has been asking the question - over 40 years now - the majority of Americans say they favor the legalization of marijuana.  The public is beginning to see that the war on drugs is a war on citizens that costs us more than we can afford.  

The war on drugs has turned productive men and women into criminals.  It is time that We The People reject the government propaganda on marijuana as a gateway drug - a claim that science has repeatedly rejected - and elect men and women who support rational policies in regards to marijuana possession.  Our governments war against our neighbors have cost thousands of lives.  It's time we tell people who want our vote that we will support them if they will do OUR will.  

If you want to get informed and get involved in the very real change that is taking place in our society then check out NORML.  They are a great organization that brings an understanding and experience in this battle for our freedoms.