Garage Full of Pot

November 14, 2012


Officers from the LMPD Narcotics Unit have seized hundreds of pounds of pot, guns and a million dollars in cash from two homes in Okolona.  After eight months of undercover work, Louisville Metro Police spent the night loading up trash bags of pot from a home on Winding River Way. Police say the garage was filled with garbage bags of marijuana and cash was hidden in every room in the house.

Police spent the night and early morning hours counting boxes of money they found in drawers and other places in the home.  Officers tell WDRB a mother identified as Guelia Macias, her teenage son, and a toddler lived at the home. We're told Macias is from Mexico and in the country illegally.  Neighbor Kelly Bannister said, "I've been at their door to bring toys over to the little girl and never thought nothing about it."

According to officers at the home, police stopped Macias for a traffic violation Tuesday night on Taylorsville Road. That's when they found several pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in the vehicle. Police got a search warrant and raided the home on Winding River Way as well as another home about two miles away on Hackberry Way around 2 a.m. Wednesday.  Police say they seized more drugs, cash and guns at the home on Hackberry Way.

The pot has an estimated street value of $2.5 million.  Police say they have found boxes of money in every room of the house on Winding River Way. They were still counting it, but believe it may be as much as a million dollars.  Lt. Rich Pearson with LMPD's Narcotics Unit says, "Literally every room we went into revealed another bag or another box full of cash."

Macias and three other people were arrested, including a passenger in Macias's vehicle when she was stopped, as well as her adult son and his girlfriend. They are identified as Horacio Diaz, Magana, Maritzen Rauda Rangel, and Elias Vazquez Garcia.

Police say all of the suspects are directly involved with a Mexican drug cartel.  "The operation you see here isn't going to be the kind of street corner operation that you would think of," said Lt. Rich Pearson with the LMPD Narcotics Unit. "This is a much larger scale type of a situation. This is part of a pipeline. It's coming from somewhere and going to somewhere. A large part of it is probably being sold here, but we believe this is part of a pipeline that will lead to probably some other arrests later on."

The toddler and teen found in the home were released to family members.   Police say more arrests could soon follow.  If federal charges are filed, the entire family is likely to be deported.