Gateway To Healthier Living

October 9, 2012

It seems like someone in my circle is always on a health kick.  Someone trying to lose weight, someone trying to just get healthier and then of course others struggling through pain and doing what they can to make it day to day through their conditions, pains and ailments.  I have had clients in this same predicament, but in a worse situation because they are facing a criminal charge for possessing marijuana.

I think it is such a tragedy that these people are fighting for their lives and now fighting for their freedoms because of the laws we have in place prohibiting marijuana rather than regulating it.  One thing that I have found is that people who are fighting for thier lives and doing so through natural methods, tend to have more interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Many people have reported being able to get off other prescribed medications that kept them in a zombie state where they had no motivation to do anything.  

So many of our leaders and politicians want Americans to be more health conscious by exercising regularly, making better food choices...but they want to pump us full of prescription drugs.  i cam across this cartoon asn this seems to be more accurate to me.