Get Back on Track

August 3, 2012

As a new school year is about to start, two UTSA football players find themselves in a heap of trouble that will surely change the direction of their lives.

Criminal charges, especially violent ones that involve drugs create such havoc in ones life that at times it is virtually impossible to recover.  Marijuana convictions, even when they are not associated with a violent crime carry harsh punishments and lifelong consequences that follow well beyond  the term of the punishment.  


Securing housing, landing a job, being approved for loans and receiving financial aid for school proves to be difficult if not impossible, if you have been convicted of a crime involving drugs or marijuana.  Acts of violence only enhance the punishment and criminal record.


When ever you are acing a criminal charge, it is imperative that you have a high skilled and experienced attorney to fight for your rights.  Your future depends on it.  If you are a young person, you have an even longer road ahead of you.  People make mistakes, people make bad decisions.  You need to make a good decision that will become your best decision to get back on track. Call the Law Offices of Jamie Balagia today.  We will defend your freedom and protect your rights to keep you moving forward.