Get Involved With Reform

February 4, 2013


I think most of us can agree that the policies and laws we’ve had to deal with cannabis in the past hundred years have been seriously flawed and have caused tremendous harm to users, their families, their communities, and society in general.

The prohibition of cannabis has created a black market that is a major source of income for organized crime in our world today, not just in the United States or in just in Texas.  Pot laws have imposed unwarranted criminal records on Americans, who have difficulty working and travelling as a result.

We have demonized some drugs and lionized others. We are much less critical of alcohol despite the damage it causes.  Even though the government tries on so many levels to criminalized drinking and driving.  Drunk driving is illegal, buzzed driving is not, but that is another bog in itself. The prohibition of cannabis was not based on scientific evidence, but on inaccurate information, prejudice, and racial stereotypes.

A problem with cannabis, can be dealt with it quite adequately through the health and social systems. We don’t need to deal with the criminal justice system, unless somebody was harmed as a direct result of being under the influence.

Our government is ignoring evidence from a 2011 report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy that says the current system of using criminal law to deal with drugs in society is flawed.

You can get involved with cannabis reform by taking action.  There are several organizations out there, you can check out to see if there is  local chapter in your area for starters.