Our Government is violating the laws the rest of live under

January 10, 2012

A series of stories have recently broke that calls into serious question the sanctity of our laws and the competence and commitment of our government bureacracy.  The Associated Press reported yesterday that the DEA not only participated in the laundring of drug cartel money, but actually flew a plane through Dallas containing a shipment of cocaine.  Much of the money they laundered for the drug cartel was eventually lost, and the drug shipment was eventually delivered to Madrid. Combining this with the still ongoing Fast and Furious and Operation Wide Receiver scandals, I have to wonder if the agents in charge of these operations have any idea what laws they are supposed to be enforcing? 

Compare those stories with the story out of Idaho where the EPA issued an order forbidding a couple from building their dream house in a neighborhood when the EPA all the sudden claims to have found wetlands on their lot.  To add insult to injury, the EPA became upset that the couple had the audacity to sue them rather than spend years and tens of thousands of dollars going through the EPA's administrative procedures to challenge their order.  The EPA's lawyers argued yesterday in the U.S. Supreme Court that the couple has no constitutional right to sue them without first utilizing the EPA's "multiple administrative processes that they could (and should) have followed to achieve a resolution of their concerns."

These stories, and countess others, show that the government we created has grown through bueracracy and lackluster congressional oversight to a size and scope disproportionate to our needs as a society.  Instead of serving us, they are tearing us apart individually and collectively.  The government is not above the laws they create that We The People must live under.  It's bad enough that Congress is exmempt from many of the laws they pass to regulate our lives, but when they start flagrantly violating the laws they pass to regulate their own conduct and nothing is done to stop them, it's time for a review of history.

This year is an election year.  This year we get to say who will pass and enforce the laws that govern us.  It is important for all of us to get involved with the issues that are effecting our lives and to let our voices be heard.  We have an opportunity to change course, but we have to know the issues and use our vote.  We have an online petition on the DWIDude.com website right now that calls for a new law that will make prosecutorial misconduct a crime, and will waive the immunity the government has granted itself when they violate our rights.  Please go there and sign our petition.  Our system of government is an active system.  It not only allows, but requires our participation to run effectively.  Please do your part to hold our government and its employees accountable for their actions.  The government should not have the right to violate the laws the rest of us live under. 

I have to believe that everyone is as tired of government abuse as I am.  I wonder if the policy makers and enforcers of our laws believe the American public has put up with their law breaking ways for so long that they will continue to do so even as more information becomes public about their tactics.  Do they really think they are too big to fail?  Let's show them that they work for us.  Use your vote and voice to make them change their ways.