Green Buds Bring Green Bills

February 11, 2013


The marijuana industry is booming and bringing in capital at a rapidly growing rate. Marijuana continues to flourish in money making value both in the illegal and legal marijuana worlds. It seems as though the medical marijuana industry is making a leap towards main stream and might just be able to make it there. Taking a look at this diagram from bottom to top gives you an idea of just how popular getting high has become.



858,408 people were arrested in the 2009 in the U.S. alone. People are always going to want to smoke Mary Jane, and that means that there will always be some helpful kind soul willing to sell you some. This is the reason some stoners are going to have some unpleasant run-ins with the feds. The annual black market value of marijuana is estimated to be somewhere around 18 billion. That’s a lot of herb being passed around secretly from hand to hand, and a lot of stoners in need of a sneak-a-toke. The medical marijuana world has its ins and outs, and not all medical marijuana dispensaries are the same, having different varieties of strains and selections to choose from. 34% of dispensaries cite regulatory compliance’s and put majority of their focus on state laws rather than what  the patients want to smoke or making sure their supply is where it should be. Chances are their quality won’t be as potent as it could be either. 24% of dispensaries treat their financial gain as the most important factor. This means they are more likely to keep strains that stoner patients enjoy, it’s your medicine so you should be able to pick whatever flavor you like. You’re more likely to find potent grown strains here and a wider variety of edibles and pre-rolls. When it’s all about the mula you can bet the dispensaries will fill it up with all the cannabis goodies you need in your life.

Currently there are 12 states plus DC that have laws that allow certain stoners to buy and smoke sticky icky legally and enjoy a completely hassle free smoke. Bong lovers everywhere have wasted no time taking the necessary steps it takes to get legal and there are 24.8 million medical marijuana patients and you can imagine they’re happy about it! With numbers in such high margins it can only increase from here. With more and more strains and cool convenient smoking methods, Mary Jane can feel very secure in her longevity and growth.