Grow House Up In Smoke

December 5, 2012


Narcotics investigators were called to the scene of a house fire near Spring, Texas late Tuesday after firefighters said marijuana was discovered at the home.  Deputies said no one was home at the time, but evidence at the scene indicated it was being prepped to use as marijuana grow house.

Neighbors are expressing concern about the house now that the fire has broken out.  There was concern there may be a meth lab inside, but investigators stated there is no evidence to support that.   “It’s always been kind of a fishy house,” said resident Andrew Ballay. “I’ve always had a bad feeling about it. You never really see the people live there. There’s usually one really nice BMW that comes in and out, and there are usually a couple of cars following it.”

The amount of marijuana that was discovered has not been disclosed. According to neighbors, when the fire broke out, they heard several explosions. Some were loud enough to shake the walls at neighboring homes, witnesses said. They also said two men and a woman in the home ran off before officials arrived.  Guess they didn't want to be caught up in smoke!