High Speed Chase

July 25, 2012


The driver of the pick-up truck that was carrying almost two dozen people that crashed on Sunday killing 15 has been identified as 22 year old Ricardo Mendoza-Pineda.  Officials are suspecting that the truck was carrying illegal immigrants traveling to Houston.  It crashed near the town of Goliad which is 90 miles southeast of San Antonio. 


One of the troopers who worked the scene speculates that due to the nature of the way that that many people were crammed into the cab of the pick-up that they were likely illegal immigrants.  The trooper stated that in his 38 years of service he had never seen such a horrific traffic fatality and never seen one vehicle carrying that many occupants.  


The accident is said to have been caused when the right front tire came apart likely causing the vehicle to veer off the road.  So far it has been determined that some of the victims were from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala.  


On Tuesday, in Matagorda County, officials were alerted that there was a stolen truck headed that direction.  Deputies spotted the truck and it was soon discovered that there was a second truck traveling with the stolen vehicle.  Two chases ensued ending in two crashes.  The first truck was carrying 16 people, 4 were injured, 10 were arrested and 2 are still at large.  The second truck was carrying 12 people, all fled when the truck crashed and none have been apprehended.  Both trucks were reported stolen out of Harris County.


There are an estimated half a million illegal entries into the United States every year.  It is common for illegals to hire “coyotes” to bring them across, as was probably the case in these three incidents.  Regardless of the means of entry, illegal immigration has been a crisis in the US for years and isn’t slowing down any.