Hiring The Right Attorney is Critical!

July 6, 2012


Individuals charged with possession of marijuana could face serious, life altering ramifications if convicted.  Those convicted face up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.  DPS will suspend the Texas driver’s license for 6 months following a conviction.  A young person may be excluded from eligibility to obtain federal student loans and grants with a possession of marijuana conviction.  Furthermore, a conviction will forever be part of a criminal record that will follow a person for life.


Hiring the right attorney to defend in possession of marijuana cases is crucial.  An attorney needs to be knowledgeable, skilled and have experience in defending a drug case by attacking police testimony, examining the probable cause to search and seize, and looking very carefully at the warrant.  Often times, police reports and the videos do not match up.  An attorney should be able to evaluate all the evidence, recognize the inconsistencies and challenge those in court.  


At the Law Offices of Jamie Balagia, trained, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled attorneys and staff members work tirelessly to towards the goal of keeping innocent people from getting branded for life by minor possession of marijuana convictions.  Until the laws are amended and possession of marijuana is decriminalized, the 420dude will continue to provide top notch representation and get results.  


If you’ve been charged with possession of marijuana, don’t waste any time.  We have two offices to serve Central and South Texas.  Our Austin office can be reached at 512-278-0935 and is ready to assist individuals with cases in Travis, Williamson, Hays, Caldwell, Lee, Bastrop, and Milam Counties and surrounding counties.  Our San Antonio office provides excellent representation in Bexar, Guadalupe, Comal, Kendall, Gonzales, Medina, Nueces, and Victoria Counties and surrounding counties.  Don’t place something so important in the hands of anybody else.  Let the 420dude and staff work for you.