Honey Badger in Police Spotlight Again

October 26, 2012

The Honey Badger is in the spotlight again- too bad it's the police spotlight, again.  Tysan Mathieu and three former LSU players were arrested Thursday on drug charges after police searched his apartment, with Mathieu’s permission no less, and found “10 bags of high-grade marijuana” and other sales paraphernalia such as grinders and scales.


The Honey Badger is presumed innocent in court and perhaps his strange willingness to let the cops just come right into his apartment speaks not of extreme legal naiveté but rather Mathieu being unaware there was anything to hide. Who knows? Mathieu was charged with simple possession of marijuana, which a number of websites dealing with Louisiana criminal law downplay as somewhat minor and can result in a drug diversion program rather than a prison term. Former teammate Derrick Bryant was charged with the far more serious possession with intent to distribute.


We hear these stories about these very talented young men who have a very bright future ahead of them if they can stay on the path, although it may be narrow, the horizon is unending once you make it to the end.  Some say trouble follows people no matter where they go. Do you think this is a true statement? Or do you think that people follow trouble no matter where they go?