How Many People Die From Marijuana?

August 24, 2012


Statistically speaking, you or someone you know has probably used marijuana as a recreational drug at least once.  Did you know there’s more to the pot plant than a mellow high?  The plant has actually been used in America since its founding, but not to get high.  Check out these factoids about marijuana.


Despite what people claim, marijuana is not a gateway to heavier drugs.  Did you know that it would take more than 800 joints to kill a person and the THC wouldn’t be the killer- carbon monoxide poisoning would.  Alcohol kills more than 85, 000 people per year.  Prescription drugs kill over 18,000.  Caffeine is a killer too, taking the lives of about 5,800.  Aspirin/Ibuprofin is over the counter and is the culprit for the death of 7,600 a year.  Cocaine and Heroin claim the lives of about 4,500.  Marijuana kills 0.  Yes I said 0, and it is an illegal drug. Give me a break.


In America, marijuana is the #4 value crop and generates $36 billion market.  The first law regarding marijuana in America REQUIRED farmers to grow hemp that was used to make clothing, sails and rope.  Even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned hemp farms.  The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp for crying out loud!   But by 1939, 29 states had outlawed marijuana because of rising unemployment and the association of marijuana with Mexican immigrants.  But studies done in the 1940’s revealed that marijuana wasn’t dangerous as previously suspected, and proved there was no link between pot and violence, sex crimes, insanity or addiction.


Marijuana was beneficial to our country in many ways, even our founding fathers recognized it.  We need to take a look at the benefits of marijuana and legalize marijuana or at the very least decriminalize it.  We are wasting a resource and wasting tax payer dollars to put our citizens through the judicial system and in prison and restricting relief to individuals who would benefit medically from marijuana!