Is Your Computer Safe?

July 5, 2012


It’s on Facebook, it’s on Google, it’s in local and national headlines – thousands could be without internet service on Monday, July 9 due to malware that could have infected computers a year ago.  The FBI has been working to fix the problem and has set up a special website.  


The malware, which by definition is software designed to damage a computer, computer system or network and / or take partial control over it, infected computers when international hackers ran an on-line advertising scam last year.  The FBI discovered while trying to take down the malicious servers that by so doing users would lose their internet service.  As a temporary solution, the feds brought in a private company to set up clean servers to take over the infected servers to keep people from abruptly losing their Internet.  This temporary fix will shut down on Monday, July 9.


Most people whose computers are infected with the malware don’t even know it.  The infected systems probably have slower web browsing and the anti-virus protection has most likely been deactivated.  


It is estimated that more than 277,000 computers are affected world wide with roughly 64,000 of them being in the United States.  


Social networking sites and internet service providers are working to get the word out to people to warn of the potential problem so that steps can be taken in advance.  One Internet service provider, Comcast, has sent notices to its customers whose computers appear to be infected.  


Companies have plans in effect are ready to field calls of their customers who call to say that their Internet is not working.  The problem will be dealt with on their end, however, the malware will still be on individuals’ computers and could pose problems down the road.  


Check your computers and make sure they’re safe. The article found on (see the link below) contains helpful links to do so.