Another victim of bad policy

February 10, 2012

Guadalupe County Judge Mike Wiggins was reportedly arrested Monday night for misdemeanor possession of marijuana in College Station, Texas where he was attending a judicial conference.  According to news reports he was arrested after police were called to the hotel where Judge Wiggins was staying after a bellhop smelled the odor of marijuana coming from his room.  The reports said that Judge Wiggins consented to a search by police officers and admitted that he possessed marijuana. 

This appears, at first glance, to be yet another case where our marijuana prohibition laws will likely remove a good and faithful public servant and productive member of our society from serving us as he has faithfully done for decades.  The judge was not causing any trouble to others (other than possibly by the odor of the burning marijuana), was not working at the time, and did not seemingly exhibit any behavior that caused distress or trouble for himself or others. 

When will our elected leaders listen to the voice of the people and end the failed war on drugs?  When will marijuana be legalized and productive members of our society stop being removed from their jobs?  When is enough, enough?  When do good citizens have to stop running from the high beams of government intrusion for private activities? 

This is one more example of how the war on drugs is not a war that is worth waging.  It's a war on our citizens, not on a naturally growing plant that has countless medicinal and industrial uses.  It is also a lesson to those of you who would stay at a Hilton hotel...beware, they won't confront you and ask you to stop something they don't like - they'll call the po-po on you.  If you're gonna smoke, you might want to pick a different hotel chain.  Their employees apparently believe they are watchdogs for the government gestapo.