Little Czar Heading to Prison

October 19, 2012


A teenager convicted of selling up to $20,000 worth of high-grade marijuana a month to high school students in southwestern Ohio was sentenced Monday to serve six months to three years in a juvenile prison by a judge who called him "a pretty fine young person that went down a bad trail."


Authorities say Pagenstecher was one of the most prolific drug dealers in the Cincinnati area, a "little czar" in charge of six teenage lieutenants who helped him sell the marijuana to well-to-do students at two high schools.

Authorities believe Pagenstecher began selling the drugs when he was at least 15 and managed to stay under authorities' radar for a long time by not selling pot at school, but largely out of his home, where he lived with his single mother and older brother.


There are many different reason a person finds himself facing criminal charges for distributing marijuana, whether it is on a large or a small scale.  Sometimes people get caught up in the lifestyle because they are products of their environments, while others see an opportunity to support a habit or a way to make fast cash. 


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