Look Out Overhead

August 31, 2012


The Mission: Domestic Marijuana Eradication Program hit a jack pot of pot plants today in Cherokee County.  This program is made up of the sheriff’s office, the DEA, Texas DPS officers, and the Texas National Guard that ban together and search for marijuana that is being grown domestically.

While flying overhead in a helicopter, a possible operation was spotted.  When the group made it to the area, they found several patches of weed with plants from 12 inches to 8 feet tall.  The operation also used the river for an irrigation system that had generators and water pumps. The area had tents and was set up like a campout for the operation’s workers to live there.  Law enforcement found guns stashed thorough the area as well.  So far, they have seized 7,500 plants and expect to find up to 20,000.  No suspects were present when officers got to the campsite, but an investigation will follow.  They believe they fled when the helicopter was flying overhead.

The Domestic Marijuana Eradication Program’s purpose is to band these agencies together in an effort to find domestically grown marijuana.  They do routine flight to check for marijuana growth.