Meat and Weed

July 23, 2012


“A driver of a black BMW is on the run after he allegedly tried to get away from police." Officers say Sunday afternoon they observed a black BMW heading south on U.S. 281 near Josephine Street traveling at a high rate of speed.


They reportedly started to pull over the BMW, but when the car almost came to a complete stop, the driver of the BMW suddenly accelerated. A chase ensued.

The chase went as far as I-10 and I-35 and reached speeds of 120 mph. During that highway chase, police say they noticed the passenger throwing bags out the window.  Police say they called off the chase out of concern for public safety.  It was at that point when police learned that the car had crashed off of I-10.


"Few minutes later, the dispatcher came over the radio here with our radio here, calling for the helicopter because they had a report of a hit-and-run accident with people fleeing. We'd realized it was the same vehicle we had been pursuing, so we turned around and came back over here," said Sgt. Greg Brooks.


The BMW had wrecked at I-10 near Pine Street.  Police say they recovered about three ounces of marijuana along the roadway and in the car. They also found large cuts of meat, not the kind one would normally purchase at a grocery store.  That led investigators to believe the actors may have been involved in a robbery.


The driver of the BMW escaped the scene of the crash. A passenger was arrested on site.”  Were these individuals going to have a bar-b-que?  They were providing the weed and the meat?  A more probable scenario, however, would be to sell the meat for cash for more weed.  


People are asked to contact the SAPD with any information.  What’s aggravating is that a suspect is in custody.  Get him to talk!