Memorial Day is coming, be prepared

May 22, 2012

DPS is gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend with campaigns to make sure Texas drivers are adhering to the law, even if that means violating your rights.  

Click It or Ticket started Monday and runs through June 3.  Troopers will be staring down drivers to see that seat belts are properly buckled and that children under the age of 8, or four feet nine inches tall, are secured in an approved child safety seat.  

There will also be the No Refusal initiative in cities and counties across the State.  For some municipalities in Texas every weekend is no refusal whereas others save the campaign for certain holidays, such as New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.  In San Antonio, every day is no refusal.  No refusal allows law enforcement to strap a person in a chair and take their blood if the person refuses to consent to a breath or blood test.   Sounds like an infringement of one’s rights to me.  

And how about Drink, Drive, Go to Jail.  We’ve all seen the billboards.  Really?  Is it illegal to drink and drive?  NO!  It is illegal to drive intoxicated but not after having a drink or two.  However, if law enforcement smells booze on a driver, standardized field sobriety tests (SFST’s) will be administered and since those are designed for failure, an arrest will likely result thereby validating the ridiculous campaign.  Right or wrong – drink, drive, and you just might go to jail.    

This holiday weekend, be safe and avoid the entrapment of DPS.  Wear your seat belt.  Strap your big kids in to those car seats. If you are under the influence, designate a driver.  DPS will be out in full force looking for a reason to pull drivers over to make ensure that drivers are sober and occupants are in compliance with the seat belt laws.