Modern Cannabis Uses

February 6, 2013


Before prohibition, there were many uses for cannabis. In the modern world, some still question the use of cannabis. Are they serious?  Cannabis is an extremely economical product that can be used for so many thing besides medicine.

Cannabis can be used for industrial textiles like twine, rope, nets, canvas, carpet, brake and clutch linings.

Cannabis can be used for printing paper, fine or specialty paper, filter paper, newsprint and cardboard.

Fiberboard, insulation, fiberglass substitute, cement, stucco and mortar are all building supplies.

You can also make personal hygiene products like soap, shampoo, cosmetics, lotions and balms from cannabis hempseed oils.

Cannabis suppresses other weeds and creates less need for pesticides than most crops, It also improves the soil in crop rotation and the deep roots are natural aerators, which are just a few of the agriculture benefits of growing cannabis crops.

These reasons aren’t enough to legalize marijuana, what was the reason(s) to legalize tobacco?