Moms For Marijuana

January 10, 2013


There are many pro-marijuana organizations, but I cam across Moms For Marijuana and they had some moving points, that I am sure many marijuana users feel too.  There are many points i agreed with because I am an American and I feel I should be able to make my own decisions about what my children taught and what healing method I use for sickness.


They ask the same questions that many of us ask, “What about the children?” And they  have a few rants, a few demands and quite a few things they are fed up with in this War on Drugs.  Moms For Marijuana believe that by educating our children with the truth about drugs and about marijuana rather than using scare tactics, we would be able to help them make the right choices.


You should check out what Moms For Marijuana have to say. How much of this can you relate to as a parent, a marijuana user or simply someone who doesn’t believe in prohibition? Are you fed up? Are you disgusted? Are you tired?



Moms For Marijuana: