No Spitting!

August 22, 2012


Ever had someone make you so mad you could just spit- on them?  Well, if that ever happens to you when dealing with a police officers, here is a warning: Don’t do it!  Not just because no one wants to be spit on but because of the result.

Spitting is considered assault. Spitting on a police officer then becomes an assault on a police officer but it could also be charged as an aggravated assault or even attempted capital murder, if the spitter is carrying a transmittable disease, such as hepatitis. 

These are issues that police have to be concerned with that we normally wouldn’t even think about.  We also have to remember that police officers are humans.  Anyone who is spat on will have a natural human reaction.  The problem with a police officer’s reaction is that they are held accountable for every action - regardless of what the suspect does to them. Austin Police Department admits they don’t have specific training on how to deal with spitting because they aren’t trained to walk away once they have been assaulted. 

So if you decide to spit on an officer, beware.  You will face criminal charges and you may suffer some sort of physical consequence from the officer’s natural reaction to being assaulted.  Call the LAw Offices of Jamie Balagia if you are facing any type of assault charges!