Only When It's In Their Favor

February 12, 2013

Police departments have no issue when other government officials interfere on a case when it is in their favor, however, if it's not, a complaint is filed against the official.  This isn't surprising.  The cops and the state want to have their cake and eat it too.  That is exactly what is happening in Cottleville, MO.

The Mayor of Cottleville, Don Yarber, who is known for being a medical marijuana supporter, is being accused by The Police Association of requesting that charges be dismissed against two women arrested for possession of marijuana.  Yarber asked to see the file of the two women and then asked the prosecutor to review the charges and some potential issues in the case like a towing charge.  The police department has filed a complaint against the mayor claiming that he asked the prosecutor to drop the charges, which the mayor denies.

Now, if the Mayor was pressing for the charges instead of against them, who would be complaining then? The Mayor is up for re-election on April 2nd and he feels that this is part of a tactic to derail his campaign.  Way to go Mayor Yarber for taking the time to look into the case!