Privileges for the few

January 30, 2012

Indiana lawmakers have an image problem on their hands.  Last week it was announced that they were pulling a bill from consideration that would require welfare recipients to take random drug tests in order to qualify for continued benefits.  Why was it pulled you ask?

I'm glad you asked.  It was pulled because it would require lawmakers to take the same random drug screening tests as welfare recipients.  Which brings me to the point today.

The people who make and enforce our laws should be subject to the same laws that we are.  We are, after all, a nation built on equality.  "All men created equal..." and all that is supposed to be more than a slogan, but a right in which we were born into.  But, unless the people who govern us follow the same laws that we follow, then how can we say equality exists?

Perhaps it is time for us to begin looking at our empowerment as a citizen instead of our victimization as a selected group of society.  Our forefathers came from diverse backgrounds.  Some were wealthy, some were peasants, some were orphans.  Yet, they looked at each other as neighbors, and worked to find common ground over their disagreements.  Through their effort, they founded our nation.  A nation that guarantees rights based on citizenship, not political or financial status. 

By enacting laws that apply to others, but not themselves, our legislative leaders are creating for themselves a class of citizenship above and beyond what the rest of us are given at birth.  This destroys the stitching in the fabric of our society.  It should be pointed out every time it is seen, and those responsible should be voted out of office.