Prohibition Is The Problem

September 17, 2012


Ever wonder why would a cop risk his career and freedom to help a drug dealer? The answer is simple- profits.  It is hard to turn down fast, easy money, even for a cop.


It’s amazing how many Americans think the negative affects of prohibition (like corruption) are caused by the drugs, or the people selling them.


Choosing to make pot illegal, is choosing the possibility of corruption in our police officers. Drug cartels have a billion dollar monopoly on the Texas cannabis market. Cops are a good investment for drug cartels.  For a chump change to a drug empire, they can have the protection of their cargo by a police officer.


What we need to wake up and realize that prohibition is the problem. We made a policy mistake and it's time to fix it. Putting our citizens in jail and creating barriers for them to be productive citizens is not benefiting our state or country in anyway.  Arresting cops corrupted by cartel cash will continue to be a problem. The choice is ours.  What do you want to do?