Protect Texas Marijuana Patients

February 6, 2013



There is some hope for Texans patients who use marijuana therapuetically because Representative Elliot Naishtat (D-Texas District 48) has reintroduced legislation to protect these patients with House Bill 594. You can learn more about the bill here.





Naishtat said, "This bill creates an affirmative defense so if you have a bona fide medical condition and a doctor has suggested that you try marijuana for medicinal purposes, if you get arrested you can go before a judge and you can say 'look at me your honor, I'm not a criminal. I have multiple sclerosis, I'm in a wheelchair' or 'I have AIDS,' and the judge could  say 'go home.'"

If you support this movement, I hope you will contact your state legislator today and urge him or her to support Texas patients. You can utilize a pre-written letter that will be e-mailed to your elected official when you visit NORML's 'Take Action Center' here:



Source: Medical Marijuana Necessity Defense Legislation Introduced in Texas