SR22's explained

June 4, 2012


SR22 is a certificate showing proof of evidence of financial responsibility provided by an auto insurance company and filed with the Department of Public Safety wherein the agency guarantees to notify DPS should the driver cancel their liability insurance policy.  SR22 insurance must be coupled with liability insurance therefore a liability card will not suffice to meet the SR22 requirement.  SR22 insurance is required to be on file with DPS for two years from the date of conviction or judgment.  If the SR22 is canceled or lapses prior to the required time frame DPS will be notified and further enforcement action may be taken by the department.  Some of the reasons DPS would require an SR22 include:  DWI convictions, driving while invalid or suspended convictions, drug convictions, and second or more failure to maintain financial responsibility citations.  

SR22 is also required in order to obtain an occupational driver’s license.  If an occupational license is needed for a period of 90 to 180 days for an ALR suspension, for example, the SR22 will not be required for the two years only for the duration of the suspension.  

The SR22 insurance can be provided by any auto insurance company.  Some insurance companies will raise the rate or cancel their customer’s policy following an arrest for driving while intoxicated.  If a DWI suspension is the reason for the need for the SR22, it may be prudent to avoid bringing this fact to the attention of the auto insurance carrier by going through another company.  

There are numerous SR22 insurance companies that make it fast and convenient for driver’s to purchase the insurance.  Speedy SR22 and Texas SR22 Insurance are two examples.  See and  

For more information on SR22 and liability insurance requirements, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website at