Smoked Pot, Got Caught

August 29, 2012


Everyone knows that I am a huge advocate for legalizing marijuana, or decriminalizing it at a minimum.  There are too many benefits for people with ailments to deny them use of a natural herb.  Not only that, we are filling our prisons with non-violent offenders and ruining the livelihood and future of our citizens with the current laws against marijuana.

The fact is though, at this time, most states and the federal government have strict laws about marijuana.  The laws are tough and carry severe punishments along with a record that will affect one’s ability to get financial aid for college, to secure loans, to find housing and to get a job.  With penalties like this, you can only imagine how a parent feels when they discover their teenager is experimenting with marijuana or any illegal substance for that matter.

One mother recently found her 13-year old son with marijuana and she had a creative

way to punish him.  She made a sign that read,” Smoked pot, Got caught, Don’t I look cool? NOT  Learn from me don’t do drugs” And she has made him walk up and down a s sidewalk at a busy intersection wearing the sign. She turned to public humility because she says that taking things away, grounding him and those types punishments don’t seem to be working anymore. “I never in a million years imagined my 13-year getting busted for marijuana.  I never pictured this ever.  We as parents have to step it up as parents. We have to protect our children, and if this is what it takes, this is what I am going to do.”

What do you think about this form of punishment for a teenager?  What are some other ways we can prevent teens from engaging in illegal drug use?


See the video here: