Snapped In Aurora, CO

July 20, 2012


What caused a gunman to snap and go off on a shooting spree in a crowded theater in Aurora, Colorado?  He has been detained and perhaps investigators will get some answers.  12 people are dead and dozens injured.  Victims ranged in age from 3 months to 45 years old.  


The gunman who has been identified as James Holmes is from Colorado and used at least 4 guns – an “AK type” rifle, a shot gun and two handguns.  How did this man enter the theater with these large weapons?  The man threw a smoke bomb, said to be tear gas, into the crowd before he started his shooting rampage.  A witness said he was wearing a gas mask.  Again, how does one man get into a crowded facility like that with that much equipment without raising suspicion?


Authorities have searched the gunman’s apartment and car due to a statement he made regarding explosives.  The apartment building was evacuated.  “Items of interest” were said to be found.  Authorities were also searching for clues as to how these weapons were obtained by Holmes.  


Initially the death toll was reported to be 14.  However, that number has been revised to 12.  There are at least 20 that are being treated in the University of Colorado hospital, with injuries ranging from minor to critical.


Among the dead is a former San Antonio resident Jessica Ghawi.  Ms. Ghawi moved to Denver about a year ago.  Brent Lowak, a friend of Jessica’s, was with her in the theater.  He had to undergo surgery but is recovering.  Mr. Lowak is from Bulverde and was planning to return to San Antonio on Saturday.    


So many lives lost tragically leaves families in anguish wondering why.  Why the rampage?  Why that particular facility?  Why shoot to kill?  May God bless those who are suffering the loss of loved ones as a result of this horrific massacre.