Stars Busted for Weed

June 28, 2012


He wasn’t in Texas this time.  Snoop Dog was going through customs in Norway when officials found 8 grams of pot on him.  He paid a fine and the case was closed.  He was also fined for having more cash on him than was declared. 


Snoop Dog, who has a license for medicinal marijuana in his home state of California, was reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana in Texas in January.  His tour bus was searched in Sierra Blanca, the same place Willie Nelson was busted for pot in 2010, and a prescription bottle containing three joints, under a half an ounce, was found in a trash can.   Snoop paid a fine and the matter was resolved.  Following Willie’s arrest, Snoop Dog said on video that Willie Nelson is a legend and deserves respect.  Snoop railed on the cop that arrested him and gave a huge shout out to Willie telling him he loves him.  Snoop went on to say that he himself could not be taken to jail because he has a weed license.  Oops.  That’s only good in California.


Other stars recently in the news for weed arrests include Armie Hammer (Social Network) – arrested in Sierra Blanca also – Matthew Underwood (Zoey 101), Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky and Hutch), Soulja Boy (rapper), Jermaine Hopkins (Lean on Me), Antoine Dodson (singer / actor), Chance Crawford (Gossip Girl), and Marcus Camby (NBA).  Camby was arrested for drug possession in a drug free zone.  TMZ asked, “What’s a drug free zone?”  Ha ha ha ha!  School zones are drug free zones making the punishment for possession of drugs in those areas harsher.   


Stars are not above the law.  They are held to the same standard the rest of us are.  Maybe one day these standards will be revised nationwide and all people will be free to possess marijuana if they so desire.