Taking A Loss

August 6, 2012

In states where growing marijuana is legal, growing is usually more of a family business.  Some operations are the only source of income for the growers.  Even in Colorado where growing marijuana is legal, growers still run into trouble. At the end of the day, federal laws still trump state laws.  And growers have to stay within the limits set by their state.  Having too many marijuana plants can cause the state to seize plants, or retract a grower’s license, which shuts down the legal operation.


In Denver, Colorado, 87-year old Edward Bogunovich, has a license to grow medical marijuana.  With his license he is allowed to have 231 individual plants but he was allegedly in possession of over 500.  He says he grows because of the benefits of marijuana and because he has been a caretaker for over 24 years.  He is the medical marijuana supplier for those he cares for. 


Police arrested Bogunovich because the raid found he had more plants than he is allowed to have .  He claims no crime has taken place.  According to Bogunovich, the worst part is the fact that he has lost a lot of money with the seizure of 269 marijuana plants.  Cases like this don;t just hurt the growers’ pockets, it also hurts the people who need and depend on the medical marijuana the growers supply.


Not only will Bogunovich have to recover from the financial loss of his plants, but he will have to recover from the criminal charges he will now face in court.  As with any marijuana or criminal charge, there is a court process that he will have to go through before any disposition on his case will be reached.  


If you are facing a marijuana or other drug case in Texas, you will face harsh punishments that may compromise your ability to secure a residence, be approved for certain loans, lose your job and no longer be eligible for financial aide.  Do not go into the court room without a highly skilled and extensively trained trial attorney to represent you.  Call the Law Office of Jamie Balagia for a free consultation today!