Texans Wide Receiver Jaelen Strong Arrested for Marijuana Possession

April 4, 2016

Being arrested and accused of a crime can have serious consequences on the life of any Texas resident. For individuals who live in the “lime light,” the consequences of an arrest can be even more devastating to their reputation and professional endeavors. Such is the case for Houston Texans wide receiver Jaelen Strong, who was recently arrested for marijuana possession. 

According to media reports, Strong was a passenger in a Maserati when police executed a traffic stop. According to police, the license plate was not visible. Upon executing the traffic stop, police allege they smelled marijuana in the vehicle. Strong purportedly admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle, and turned it in to police. The driver and other passenger were not charged, but Strong was arrested and charged with marijuana possession. He was taken to jail and later released. A court date has not been set. 

For Strong, an arrest and charges of marijuana possession are taking a negative toll on his reputation and his career as an athlete. NFL players are required to meet certain standards, and an arrest could jeopardize his reputation and position with the NFL and team. While most Texas residents do not have the same level of media attention as Strong, they can nevertheless sympathize with these negative consequences after being arrested. 

Get Help with Your Marijuana Possession Case

If you have been arrested or charged with marijuana possession, it is important that you explore your legal rights immediately. Individuals who are charged with any crime have the right to defend themselves against the allegations. In cases similar to Strong’s, such defenses may include a thorough examination of the traffic stop legality and the actions of police in administering Miranda rights. 

Every case is different, and it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney to learn more about your rights and what defense options may be available to you. You do not have to face the criminal justice system alone.